NADCAP Accreditation

Chem Processing, Inc. demonstrates its continuing commitment to aerospace-grade metal finishing with NADCAP Accreditation.

NADCAP accreditation is a process-level quality program that ensures all metal finishing is performed to highest quality standards and that all work is 100% thoroughly documented and traceable. As part of its continuing dedication to world-class metal finishing, Chem Processing, Inc. is NADCAP approved for chemical processing by PRI International. For more information about our accreditation, please contact one of our technical representatives.

Current Nadcap accredited finishes:

- Aluminum Anodizing
- Cadmium Plating
- Chemfilm on Aluminum
- Copper Plating
- Electroless Nickel Plating
- Hardcoat Anodizing
- Manganese Phosphate
- Silver Plating
- Stainless Steel Passivation
- Zinc Phosphate

Chem Processing Nadcap Certificate