Plating and Coatings for Medical Applications

Engineering Metal Finishing Solutions for Medical

Chem Processing, Inc. builds... plating parts for diagnostic equipment such as MRIs, anodizing with various colorS and even chemical milling or passivating implants...

Few industries require more attention to quality and concern for detail than the production of medical equipment. Chem Processing, Inc. builds on its history of finishing parts critical to flight safety for civil, military and space craft to offer an even higher level of excellence to process parts for the medical field. This includes hard coat anodizing and TeflonĀ® coating components in laboratory instruments, electroless nickel plating parts for diagnostic equipment such as MRIs, anodizing with various colors and even chemical milling or passivating stainless steel implants.

We understand the importance of handling, documentation and proper processing with these parts that literally save lives. Upon entrance to our facility, through processing and inspection, to the final packaging and shipment, parts for the medical industry receive highest-priority care according to our established quality standards.

Our technical staff can also work with research and development teams to engineer new products. We can recommend the best finish for a given application, taking into account the various exposure factors the medical field presents such as radiation, harsh chemicals or the unique chemistries of the human body. From initial concept, through testing to production, Chem Processing provides vital plating, anodizing and coating services to companies on the cutting edge of medical technology.

Contact a Chem Processing technical representative for more information about these and other ways we partner with companies that produce life-saving and life-enhancing technologies for the medical industry.