Plating and Coatings for Food Processing Plant and Equipment

Engineering Metal Finishing Solutions for Food Processing

En-DURE® Coatings

The EN-DURE® process deposits a reliable, repeatable coating of uniform thickness on all surfaces, including sharp edges, deep recesses, seams, threads, and complex geometries. It provides excellent corrosion protection, chemical resistivity and durability. It can significantly extend the life of process equipment and/or lessen required maintenance. EN-DURE® can achieve hardnesses up to 70Rc and is available with extended corrosion protection and low-friction options.


Teflon® is a fluorocarbon based polymer coating that is used widely in both industrial and consumer environments. When used on machinery and process equipment, it significantly reduces friction, wear and energy consumption. Its non-stick properties also enhance sanitation by making coated components easier to clean and reducing opportunity for bacteria growth. It is able to withstand temperatures in excess of 450F. Many Teflon® coatings are FDA approved.


Hardcoat Anodizing is an electrochemical process that creates a corrosive, abrasive, and wear resistant oxide film on aluminum processing equipment. It enhances the lubricity of aluminum components, extends their useful life and improves their cleaneability. Upgrade or refurbish existing installations or request the hardcoat anodized finish on new components. Chem Processing can provide information on where it is best applied.

Stainless Steel Passivation

Stainless steel passivation cleans and sterilizes the surface of stainless steel fabrications. Simultaneously, it removes free iron from the alloy surface, significantly improving the corrosion resistance and thus the service life of equipment.

Industries Served

  • Cheese Processing
  • Meat Processing
  • Food Packaging
  • Chocolate Processing
  • Cereal Manufacturing
  • Dairy
  • Bread/Pizza Crusts
  • Candy Manufacturing/Molds