Example of Nadcap Zinc Phosphated Part

Zinc Phosphate (Nadcap accredited)

Zinc phosphate coatings serve as a base for organic coatings, such as paint or lacquer, lubricating oils, or waxes. The coating provides minimal corrosion protection—its purpose is to provide a crystalline structure to which the subsequent organic coating, oil or wax can mechanically bond. A zinc phosphate coating can be gray or black, with these colors deepened by subsequent application of oil. For defense applications, this finish can reduce reflectivity of base materials. Zinc phosphate also goes by the trade name Parco Lubrite and is sometimes called parkerizing in reference to finishing on firearms, or may be called phosphatizing.

Chem Processing Inc. Zinc Phosphate Capabilities:

  • Coating weights range of 150mg/m2 to 3 g/m2
  • Military certifications
  • Blasting and phosphate coating performed at a single facility per MIL 16232G Sec. 3.2
  • Available masking for selective coating application
  • Type Z: Class 1, Class 2, Class 3 & Class 4
  • Salt Spray Corrosion Test per ASTM B-117
  • Bulk or rack processing

Applicable Specifications:

  • MIL-DTL-16232
  • MIL-STD-171
  • TT-C-490
  • UTAS/Hamilton Sundstrand PN 14.08
  • GE Oil & Gas/Vetgo Grey VGS 6.2.3
  • Woodward 4-09-0161
  • Woodward FES-9007

Common Applications of Zinc Phosphate Coatings:

  • Oil & Gas Industry: Primer for critical components
  • Defense: CARC primer. Non reflective finish for equipment.
  • Automotive: Base for organic coatings.
  • Aerospace: Break-in of moving parts and threads. Primer for specialized coatings.
  • Gears & Bearings: Holds lubricants on surface.
  • Mining Equipment: Primer for fluoropolymer coatings.

Chem Processing Inc. offers zinc phosphate coating services to Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, the Midwest and beyond. CPI is strategically located by highway routes to Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, St. Louis, and Minneapolis. The CPI facility is minutes from Rockford Chicago International Airport , a major Midwestern air freight hub, enabling efficient door-to-door delivery across the United States or across the globe.