Example of Zinc Nickel Plated Parts With Trivalent Yellow Chromate

Zinc Nickel Plating

Zinc-Nickel electroplating is an acid coating that is used in the protection of steel, cast iron, malleable iron, copper, and brass. Zinc-Nickel is recognized as an environmentally safe alternative to cadmium electroplating. In specific applications, Zinc-Nickel demonstrates equivalent, or better, corrosion properties when compared to cadmium. Zinc-Nickel is normally applied for corrosion protection purposes, and functions as a "sacrificial coating", corroding before the base material. Zinc-Nickel can also replace cadmium in galvanic interaction applications where the coating is intended to minimize corrosion caused by the interaction of dissimilar metals. Chem Processing Inc. offers RoHS compliant clear, yellow and black post plate treatments for enhanced corrosion protection, specific torque-tension requirements, or color identification.

Zinc-Nickel plating is an efficient, economical coating, with minimal environmental impact.

Chem Processing Inc. Zinc Nickel Plating Capabilities:

  • Rack and barrel plating available
  • RoHS compliant clear and black post-plate treatments
  • Acid chemistry for better corrosion protection per AMS 2417H 8.4
  • Precision masking available for selective plating
  • Parts baked for hydrogen embrittlement relief when required in AMS 2750 compliant ovens
  • In-house salt spray testing per ASTM B117
  • Thickness analysis using XRF technology, eddy current, and standard metrology methods

Applicable Specifications:

  • ASTM B841
  • AMS 2417

Typical Applications of Zinc-Nickel Electroplating:

Automotive Industry: used when corrosion protection is required that is superior to standard zinc plating
Electrical Transmission Industry: used for anchors, cleats, bolts, and coaxial cables
Fastener Industry: used for improved corrosion protection and a cadmium replacement
Aerospace Industry: used to minimize galvanic corrosion when mating stainless steel and aluminum
Defense Industry: used as a cadmium replacement

Chem Processing Inc. offers zinc-nickel plating services to Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, the Midwest and beyond. CPI is strategically located by highway routes to Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, St. Louis, and Minneapolis. The CPI facility is minutes from Rockford Chicago International Airport, a major Midwestern air freight hub, enabling efficient door-to-door delivery across the United States or across the globe.