Example of Hard Chrome Plating on Spools

Thin Dense Chrome Plating

Thin-dense hard chrome plating offers the wear resistance and low coefficient of friction that characterizes industrial hard chrome but because it is not a micro-cracked deposit, also offers some level of corrosion protection. The lower deposit thickness also minimizes dimensional change and yields less problematic buildup at sharp edges.

Thin-dense hard chrome is a proven technology that is applied under several trade names such as Armoloy TDC.

Properties of Thin - Dense Chrome:

  • Surface hardness up to 72 Rockwell C or equivalent
  • Low energy surface greatly reduces galling, seizing, metal pick-up, sticking and erosion
  • Deposit is void of micro-cracks which enhances corrosion resistance
  • Friction and wear are reduced to improved retention of lubricants
  • Bond strength exceeds 125,000 psi and will pass a severe bend test
  • Coating can be easily stripped with conventional methods
  • Lower internal stress than standard hard chrome
  • Reduced build-up and nodulization on sharp corners and edges
  • Minimal degradation of surface finish
  • Significant reduction in fatigue induced to the substrate
  • Hydrogen embrittlement is greatly reduced

Deposit Thicknesses:

  • Range: 0.000025 – 0.0006"

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