Example of Electroless Nickel on Steel

Electroless Nickel-PTFE Plating

Engineering properties of nickel...lubricity of PTFE...repeatable coating of uniform thickness

Electroless nickel-PTFE is a nickel-phosphorous-polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) co-deposit on metal substrates. The process yields a surface with the engineering properties of nickel and the additional lubricity of PTFE. As with standard electroless nickel, the deposit occurs via an autocatalytic chemical reaction so that a reliable, repeatable coating  of uniform thickness is generated. This makes it possible to effectively coat parts with sharp edges, deep recesses, seams, threads, and complex geometries. In some cases, the use of the electroless nickel/Teflon® provides lubricity sufficient to eliminate the use of other lubricants.

Chem Processing's electroless nickel/PTFE coating can withstand temperatures up to 500ºF.

The appearance of the plated finish is usually dull silver-gray, and can be used as a non-reflective coating for military applications. Electroless nickel/PTFE can be applied over a variety of substrates including stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass and others. This process is difficult to perform well, but Chem Processing, Inc. draws on over three decades of experience to provide a consistent, high-quality finish. For more information on this process, or other processes that incorporate fluoropolymers, please contact Chem Processing, Inc.

This process conforms to AMS 2454.

Chem Processing Inc. Electroless Nickel/PTFE Plating Capabilities:
  • Plating thickness range of 0.0001 to 0.0050 inches
  • Typical coefficient of friction of 0.20 or lower (for more information on friction properties of coatings see our Tribology page )
  • Masking for selective surface plating
  • Salt spray corrosion testing per ASTM B 117
  • Hydrogen embrittlement relief baking in AMS 2750, Class 5 ovens
  • Thickness analysis using XRF instrumentation and standard metrology

Applications of Electroless Nickel/PTFE Plating:

  • Low reflectivity finish for military applications
  • Dry lubrication for rifle bolts
  • Low surface-energy/ready-release coating for molds
  • Low friction coating AR-15 bolt carriers

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